This is about Democracy ! language as well !

Publié le jeudi 7 octobre 2004 par admin_sat

Yes to a united world built by the citizens and people

Yes to real and just democracy, based on freedom and equality.

By law, everyone can get information and talk freely.

But in reality, No !

The media bow to the influential rich, and only the "elite" are heard, with the help of upper class money.
Only 5% of the human race can be heard easily !

What about the others ? (95%)

And You ?

Along with our mother tongue we need a common language that is independent, and within the reach of all those :
who don’t suppress any cultures
who don’t ignore any minorities.

Only ESPERANTO allows communication between equals, communication that is democratic and fraternal.

Get in touch with SAT (The Link between Esperantist Workers throughout the world).

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